Cognition, Language, and the Acquisition of Math Competency

Cognition, Language, and the Acquisition of Math Competency

Learning math can be challenging, especially for students who have specific learning disabilities.  Language skills, executive functioning, motor planning, and math-specific visual processing skills all play a role in acquiring math competency.  Specific deficits and their resulting impact will be explored. Learning and memory research tells us that multisensory integration is absolutely vital for children who have learning difficulties, as well as the best way to teach all students. Methods will be presented that use minimum language demands and whole-to-part, multimodal strategies to help students express, relate, store, and retrieve information efficiently.

Learning Outcomes: As a result of participating in this presentation, participants will be able to:

• identify prescriptive therapies that are presented within a case study video.

• understand the benefits to whole-to-part multimodal processing and the use of  interactive graphic organizers.

• create a Woodin Ladder Chart to produce accurate multiples of a given factor.

• demonstrate the ability to add and subtract without counting.

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• Powerpoint Presentation Slides 9 per page updated 1/2020

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• Presentation Production Pages 1/2020

Shisa Kanko: "Point and Call" Strategies Explained

Gross Motor Strategies in Action

Watch this movie which describes the benefit of learning through alternative modalities. 

 It is called The Writer Who Couldn't Read from NPR.

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