Planning and Implementing Diagnostic and Prescriptive Math Classes and Tutorials

Planning and Implementing Diagnostic and Prescriptive Math Classes and Tutorials

Course Description:

    This interactive course features methods to administer and interpret informal testing to prescribe and service effective short and long-term math goals for individuals. Tutors will learn about, and practice teaching students to manipulate numbers using minimum language demands. The content presented will focus on math fact fluency, the four basic operations of whole numbers, fractions, percentages, and elementary algebraic concepts. The multimodal instructional techniques presented will feature concrete manipulatives, graphic organizers, gross motor/kinesthetic processing, and visual imagery techniques. While these methods are essential for individuals with auditory processing issues and/or executive function disorders, all students can benefit from these strategies.

    Participants will review several students’ diagnostic testing in raw form, identify strengths and weaknesses on a diagnostic check sheet, and write long and short-term goals specific to each of
the three case study subjects based on their specific needs. Candidates will identify and assign
specific strategies and activities presented in class as being appropriate to use with one or more of
these case study subjects using a Lesson Planning Template.

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