Teach Fractions From Whole to Part Using Familiar Durable Images

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Teach Fractions From Whole-to-Part Using Familiar Durable Images

This presentation will demonstrate methods that ensure the correct encoding of equivalent forms of fractions, multiplication, and the addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators.  Familiar, semantic-based graphic organizers specific to a common denominator facilitate the integration of the student’s conceptual understanding with related procedures.  These strategies provide a means to apply visual processing and semantic–based reasoning to help drive computations.  They are of particular benefit to students who have difficulty learning, sequencing, and executing multistep procedures.

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Course Downloads

Additional Materials Used to Teach Fractions
• Multiplying Unit Fractions 3 Ways: x 1/2   x 1/10   

Additional Materials Used to Teach Factoring and Related Applications
• LCM LCD Factoring and Venn Diagrams