Best Graphic Organizers To Teach Math Facts and Procedures

Course Description:
    Graphic organizers are powerful math teaching tools that can support
students’ working memory, executive function, or language-based
processes. The best diagrams provide a way to see component parts within
the organized context of a whole fact or process. Prompts to toggle focus
between these elements directs the proper sequence of perception and
expression. A variety of whole-to-part graphic organizers will be
presented that model whole number and fraction concepts and procedures,
word problems, equations, proportions and more. Practical demonstrations
will model multimodal techniques that engage students to interact with
diagrams to prompt facts or procedural sequences.

    Attendees will learn to use and select effective whole-to-part diagrams
to model a process. Printed handout pages with template examples and QR
codes of companion videos will be provided. Suggestions of how to
incorporate shared graphic organizers with general curriculum materials
will allow teachers to use them in their classrooms immediately.

    Upon completion of the presentation, the participants will be able to:
• understand the limitations placed on motor planning by reference
frame constraints and motor planning disorders that impair students'
ability to learn math procedures involving written output.
• understand the benefits to visual processing and motor planning
gained by the use of a consistent, interactive graphic organizer.
• present, interact with, and use graphic organizers to adapt
commercially made materials.  

Best Graphic Organizers for Math - 2 Day Class Parkside School, NY, NY -Click to register

8:30AM - 3:30PM

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Other Support Materials:

 2017 Graphic Organizers and Sample Problems used at Landmark EMS

Link to the Multiplication Book with related support and materials.