Accessible Middle School Math: Interactive Multimodal Lessons Engage Students

Accessible Middle School Math: Interactive Multimodal Lessons Engage Students

 This interactive course features innovative methods to explain concepts and  and perform procedures customarily taught at the middle school level. Concrete manipulatives, graphic organizers, gross motor/kinesthetic activities, and visual imagery techniques provide students with the ability to perceive and process abstract material that may otherwise elude or overwhelm them.  Learn to adapt or create materials to provide necessary structure and scaffolding to enable students (not their parents) to initiate and complete independent assignments. Foster increased vigilance, precision, and independence by promoting a growth mindset that rewards process rather than product. 
Upon completion participants will be able to:
implement teaching methods that utilize multiple modalities modeled in class, and described in required readings
implement techniques for enhancing mathematics learning in children with varied abilities through peer teaching 
demonstrate direct instruction of math procedures using manipulatives during peer teaching exercises.


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These files are provided free- as a courtesy to those who have taken a class from
 Chris Woodin/ WoodinMath/Landmark School. 
All rights are reserved. 
Please download and use these files for your own personal use. 
Please do NOT repost them to a server, or change them in any way, redistribute them, 
or post the files on another website.

The following three handout packets will be provided:

Grade 6 Materials                            Grade 7 Materials                                               Grade 8 Materials

Woodin Ladder  📽  Ladder Video 

Division Production    📽 Ladder ÷      X Fractions 3 Ways: x 1/2   x 1/10                          Scatterplot- Arm Span/ Height    📽 Scatterplot  Video

Snap Cube Factoring                          Unit Rate Equations/Graph                                     Hockey Puck Volume Net 

Pendulum LCM   📽 Movie                    Multiply Integers                                                     Slopemaster     📽 Related Slopemaster Video 

LCM LCD Factoring                             Quadrant Plans                                                      Paper Airplane Slope

Combine Integers                                 ShadowMaster Plans                                             Pythagorean  Curriculum  📽 Pythagorean Video

Introductory Equations   📽Equations     3 Percentages    📽% Video                                  Slope of Hypotenuse 

Reach Diagram                                   Lever Word Problems    📽 Lever Video                Pass Reception System

 1 Diagram,3 Equations                       Proportional Slope                                                   Elimination Substitution Pair    

Swoosh Game                                    Unifix Cube Slope     📽U. Cube Slope Video           Systems of Equations WPS

X Chart = Fractions                                                                                                             Diagram x Polynomials           

Baseball % Unit                                                                                                                    Factor Polynomials    

Unit Rate Graph Ratios    📽Unit Rate Video                                                                         Beaker Systems of Equations        📽 Beaker Video  

                                                                                                                                           10 Foot Pole Triangle Find A          Pole Video