Teaching Mathematics Using Alternative Strategies and Modalities

July 15-19 20189 Week-Long Seminar 
Held in July at Landmark School, Prides Crossing Massachusetts
2018 Syllabus

Generate Your Own Materials From Woodinmath Templates

Reference Articles

Fischer B, Gebhardt C, Hartnegg K. Subitizing and Visual Counting in Children with Problems in Acquiring Basic Arithmetic Skills. College of Optometrists in VisionDevelopment. 2008:39(1):24-29.

 Fischer B, Köngeter A, Hartnegg K.  Effects of Daily Practice on Subitizing, Visual Counting, and Basic Arithmetic SkillsCollege of Optometrists in VisionDevelopment.  2008:39(1):30-34.

Day #1: Cognition, Coding and Number Sense , Place Value, Addition and Subtraction
PDF Files And Some Associated Video Demonstrations
           Stage #5 Packet                                     

Day #3: Fraction and Decimal Coding and Operations, Percentages, 
Day #4: Foster Independence, Hovercrafts, Build and use Math Tools, 

Day #5 Algebra Indirect Measurement, Slope and Applications

Grade 6 Materials                    Grade 7 Materials                                   Grade 8 Materials

Division Production               X Fractions 3 Ways: x 1/2   x 1/10         Scatterplot- Arm Span/ Height

Snap Cube Factoring            Unit Rate Equations/Graph                  Hockey Puck Volume Net 

Pendulums                            Multiply Integers                                     Slopemaster     Related Slopemaster Video 

LCM LCD Factoring              Quadrant Plans                                      Paper Airplane Slope

Combine Integers                  ShadowMaster Plans                             Pythagorean  Curriculum 

Introductory Equations          3 Percentages                                      Slope of Hypotenuse 

Reach Diagram                     Lever Word Problems                           Pass Reception System

 1 Diagram,3 Equations         Proportional Slope                               Beaker systems        📽 Beaker Video     

Swoosh Game                      Unifix Cube Slope                                  Elimination Substitution Pair 

X Chart = Fractions                                                                            Diagram x Polynomials           

Baseball % Unit                                                                                   Systems of Equations WPS

Unit Rate Graph Ratios                                                                       Factor Polynomials