Teaching Mathematics Using Alternative Strategies and Modalities

July 2018 Week-Long Seminar 
Held in July at Landmark School, Prides Crossing Massachusetts

2018 Dates: TBA

Reference Articles

Fischer B, Gebhardt C, Hartnegg K. Subitizing and Visual Counting in Children with Problems in Acquiring Basic Arithmetic Skills. College of Optometrists in VisionDevelopment. 2008:39(1):24-29.

 Fischer B, Köngeter A, Hartnegg K.  Effects of Daily Practice on Subitizing, Visual Counting, and Basic Arithmetic SkillsCollege of Optometrists in VisionDevelopment.  2008:39(1):30-34.

Day #1: Cognition, Coding and Number Sense , Place Value, Addition and Subtraction
PDF Files And Some Associated Video Demonstrations

Big Icon Cards                                               Small Icon Cards RBY

Make Change 0-100 Template             Icon Change           Make Change Movie   
                    Pure Currency Mat

1-100 Game                                                  50 to Zero Game
2 number line Icon+                                     Big Number and addition templates

Daily Number Mat                 Daily Number Mat Notebook file      Regroup 10 Template BTB     Regroup 10 Movie                                           •Animated Addends to 10 Notebook file                 •Animated 12 - regroup Notebook file

Day #2: Multiplication and Division Facts and Operations

Download Course Powerpoint slides PDF

Download Course handouts- Production Pages

Multidigit Division Curriculum

Book Support Files to Download

Fluency Tracker Graph Templates

Day #3: Fraction and Decimal Coding and Operations, Percentages, 
Day #4: Foster Independence, Hovercrafts, Build and use Math Tools, 

Day #5 Algebra Indirect Measurement, Slope and Applications

Grade 6 Materials                    Grade 7 Materials                                   Grade 8 Materials

Division Production               X Fractions 3 Ways: x 1/2   x 1/10         Scatterplot- Arm Span/ Height

Snap Cube Factoring            Unit Rate Equations/Graph                  Hockey Puck Volume Net 

Pendulums                            Multiply Integers                                     Slopemaster     Related Slopemaster Video 

LCM LCD Factoring              Quadrant Plans                                      Paper Airplane Slope

Combine Integers                  ShadowMaster Plans                             Pythagorean  Curriculum 

Introductory Equations          3 Percentages                                      Slope of Hypotenuse 

Reach Diagram                     Lever Word Problems                           Pass Reception System

 1 Diagram,3 Equations         Proportional Slope                               Beaker systems        📽 Beaker Video     

Swoosh Game                      Unifix Cube Slope                                  Elimination Substitution Pair 

X Chart = Fractions                                                                            Diagram x Polynomials           

Baseball % Unit                                                                                   Systems of Equations WPS

Unit Rate Graph Ratios                                                                       Factor Polynomials