Geometry Activities

Notes and worksheets are no substitute for practical life experiences with geometric applications, and the durable episodic memories they produce.


📽 Video- Introduce students to angles using common objects, as well as by interacting with them within their primary reference frame.

📽 Video Construct Angles on a Protractor, then on a Template "Angles from Protractor to Paper." Construct Angles on a Protractor, then on a Template

Measure angles within figures- Introduction to a Protractor Measure angles inside triangles Supplementary and Vertical Angle Activities and Worksheets

Measure angles and calculate missing angles within triangles Write equations to compute missing angles within triangles

Sum Interior angles of polygons Sum Interior Angles in Irregular Polygons

Quadrant Plans and templates involving a protractor to perform indirect measurement of flagpoles or trees.

Proportions relating to the Golden Ratio

Donald Duck Visits the Parthenon in MathMagic Land- and Exploration of PHI


Classify Polygons

Classify Polygons by Attributes using Pipe Manipulatives 📽 Related Video of Shape Construction and Classification


Linear Measurement: Leaf Measurement Stations Video Directions

Leaf Measurement Response Sheet

📽 Kinesthetic Activity with Perimeter using a Graphic Organizer

Perimeter with 2x Facts. Perimeter & Area of rectangles Doubled Inch Dimensions Perimeter


📽 Kinesthetic Area Activity with Graphic Organizer

Diagram Areas and Dimensions Linked to ÷ & X Facts

Area Diagrams, Labels and 1dxMd 2,5,intro 9x facts

Area Diagrams, Labels and 2dxmd Multidigit Procedures

L-Shape Garden Area

Area of rectangles with mixed number dimensions Area & Perimeter of Triangles in Rectangles

Multiply a whole # dimension by a mixed # dimension- area model

MCAS Area Multiplication Exam Questions

Trapezoid Area Using Composite Shapes and the Area Formula


Hockey Puck Volume Net 3-D Nets

Indirect Measurement

Quadrant Plans and templates to use quadrants to perform indirect measurement of flagpoles or trees.

ShadowMaster Plans and templates to perform indirect measurement by comparing relative shadow length of two objects.

ShadowMaster Data Sheets with % Change Make a copy for each student and program % change calculations

Build your own boat from free plans. Learn about fractions, angles, and proportions.