Accessible Middle School Math: Interactive Multimodal Lessons to Engage Students

This interactive 2-day seminar features innovative methods to explain and perform the concepts and procedures that are customarily taught at the middle school level. Concrete manipulatives, graphic organizers, gross motor/kinesthetic activities, and visual imagery techniques provide students with the ability to perceive and process abstract material that may otherwise elude or overwhelm them. Participants will learn to adapt or create materials to provide necessary structure and scaffolding to enable students (not their parents) to initiate and complete independent assignments, as well as foster increased vigilance, precision, and independence by promoting a growth mindset that rewards process before product. This seminar offers the opportunity to participate in an interactive lecture format and hands-on cooperative learning activities, as well as demonstrate teaching strategies through peer teaching assignments. Participants are expected to demonstrate the ability to demonstrate critical thinking skills as they analyze and synthesize the academic theories and practical therapies that are presented. Gross motor, visual, auditory, and tactile kinesthetic modalities will be supported through a variety of participatory activities.