Parkside Summer 2020

Attend a 2-day online training at the Parkside School in Manhattan.

July 27, 28, 29/ 2020

WoodinMath Virtual Professional Development

Day 1: Introduction to Number Processing and the WoodinMath Number System

• 7/27 will be mainly a powerpoint presentation to introduce the rationale behind whole-to-part learning, and examples of the 5 stages.

Day 2: Drive Primary Math Reasoning from Whole-to-Part

• 2/28 will be more hands-on where teachers will do sample questions and ask questions.

Day 3: Advanced Questions for Experienced Teachers, and Folllow-up on work with the Production Pages

• 7/29 will be geared toward teachers with experience teaching Woodinmath- I will address questions arising from the independent work. New teachers are also welcome.